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Rodents can be destructive and must be dealt with immediately after they are discovered to prevent the development of a significant infestation. Mice and rats reproduce at a rapid rate and are resilient animals that can be difficult to exterminate if proper techniques are not used. Rats can be the carriers of disease and their presence in your home or business can become a health issue if left untreated. With the help of professional technicians at DRAGONFLY, both short and long-term solutions can be devised to handle a rodent infestation. An inspection of your property by DRAGONFLY technician will determine the size of the population, where they are nesting within your property and their patterns of movement. This information will then be used to establish a course of action for extermination that may include a combination of tools (trapping and baiting) or chemicals. Lethal force will be required to completely eliminate the population. Given the ability of rodents to reproduce and find food, even the smallest group left can cause another infestation.

Once the initial problem is identified and resolved, a consultation with technicians can help you develop habits that will lessen your risk of another infestation in the future.


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