Birds Control

Large populations of roosting birds may pose a health risk to humans and must be dealt with by trained professionals who are knowledgeable in proper removal techniques.

The presence of birds can also cause serious damage to the face of building and to the paint of vehicles parked nearby. Bird excrement is corrosive and can cause problems with metal trim, electrical equipment and machinery around the building. Vents and downspouts can become blocked by excrement, feathers and nest materials which then causes an accumulation of debris. Pests are attracted to this debris and can cause an additional infestation on the property. Pigeons, sparrows and laughing doves are the three most common species that congregate near buildings and cause problems. Technicians at DRAGONFLY have extensive experience in birds control and will conduct an evaluation of your property. This will be used to determine the size of the population and an appropriate course of action depending the mobility and habitat of the birds.

Depending on the severity of the infestation, a technician may suggest waiting until the population is at its lowest count, which is right before breeding season.


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