Hard Landscaping

Landscaping can be used to beautify a property, make it more functional or achieve other desired characteristics.

When utilizing hard landscaping techniques, DRAGONFLY technicians will use construction materials such as bricks, stones or wood to create structures and walkways for functional use. These resources are often used for the beginning stages of a project followed by the introduction of plants and flowers. The combination results in a very appealing aesthetic design. For those who have specific goals in mind, DRAGONFLY offers a wide variety of options that will be discussed during your free consultation. During your meeting with our staff, you will be asked to describe what you are looking to achieve as well as any concerns you have regarding the transformation of your property. We understand the importance of knowing what you have envisioned to ensure the work is done correctly the first time. Our widespread experience and knowledge of various landscaping techniques makes us qualified to help you achieve the look you desire. We have the ability to install swimming pools, build outdoor barbeque patios or create intimate garden spaces with waterfalls and other water features.

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