Flies Control

Flies can quickly become a nuisance in your home or business.

While they are not capable of structural damage, they can still cause serious problems if they are ignored. Due to the nature of the breeding environments of flies, an infestation could pose a health risk due to their ability to carry disease. Our staff at DRAGONFLY have experience in flies control and understand the importance of correcting problems with flies quickly.

Determining the location of a fly infestation may be as simple as locating the largest population of flies that is often near a garbage can, decaying organic matter or animal waste. Often the solution to a fly infestation is to alter the habitat that is allowing the population to survive. By eliminating waste or cleaning the infested area, the flies will no longer have a source of food. For house or domestic flies, chemical strips and other pesticide applications can be utilized to eradicate the problem.

Preventing an infestation in the future requires diligent attention to eliminate and maintain an environment that is not conducive to the breeding and survival of a fly population.

For any questions, technicians at DRAGONFLY are trained to recognize an infestation and to provide a solution to correct the problem.

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