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An industry leader in pest control in the UAE but also offers a variety of other services to customers

Our Mission

We work according a standards which that aims to support and educate the pest management industry in safe and effective practices. Our commitment to quality has allowed us to become a leader in the development and improvement of competency standards, which remains the foundation for all pest control training and licensing in the UAE.

Our Vision

Our vision at DRAGONFLY is to create a healthier and more successful region by assisting our customers with all of their needs within our areas of expertise. We understand how each of our clients has a unique situation which is why we approach each job with that in mind. Our staff provides individualized service to address the specific needs of our customers while offering advice on how to prevent further issues in the future.

At DRAGONFLY, we strive to provide our customers with advanced technology and employ a team of field officers to ensure we are working in the most effective way.

Our pest control team has developed relationships with equipment and chemical manufacturers to better our understanding of the options available to us and to make our places pest free.

All of our maintenance staff is thoroughly trained prior to working on any systems while our interior fit out design team understands how to create a space that suits the needs of our customers. (Integrated Pest Management by Scientific method = Pest Free Area)


Hundreds of customers depend on our services.. Here are some of what they said about our services

I honestly couldn't be happier with this service



Honestly excellent service



They have the best service




Trusted Pest Control and Cleaners Professional, well-trained, reliable cleaners that have been thoroughly screened before being hired!

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