Plant Protection

The introduction of plants to a property has the ability to improve the aesthetics but often, the thought of maintaining various plants is enough to deter someone from taking the step of improving their property. DRAGONFLY offers a wide variety of maintenance services.

Our trained staff will ensure all of your plant maintenance needs are taken care of so you can focus your time and energy elsewhere. Plant maintenance is necessary for anyone who has made the decision to make landscaping additions or changes. Depending on the type of plants utilized, constant attention may be required to prevent deterioration of the work performed. By hiring a trained professional, you can be sure the maintenance will be done quickly and effectively. DRAGONFLY services both residential and commercial properties by addressing the needs of each customer individually. Our technicians have the knowledge to maintain any type of plant and will work with you to ensure you receive the quality service you deserve.

A free consultation will help you determine the amount of maintenance needed to keep your selection of plants thriving.


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