Agriculture Pest Control

Plant protection


We offer the service of examining farms, identifying the manifestations of infection,

determining the timing and how to deal with the pest in an optimal scientific manner, reducing assumptions in the use of chemical pesticides and relying on integrated control, under the supervision of a group of researchers and professors specialized in plant protection


Fumigation and maintenance of stored food grains, as well as fumigation and disinfection of storage places from silos and warehouses before storage.


We do the heat treatment of pallets, pallets, boxes and all imported and exported wood under the supervision of plant quarantine in accordance with International Standard No. 15 in the International Plant Protection Convention



We do agricultural consultancy in all specialties of agriculture, including insect and agricultural pest control, irrigation, fertilization, gardening and others in farms and private and public gardens



Combating the red palm weevil using the latest scientific methods and using specialized traps and pheromones with estimation and identification of the foci of infestation.



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